Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Who's ready to ROK?!

So it's official...we're going to South Korea!! We received word this morning, Wednesday, July 20, 2011 that our command sponsorship has been approved. (Meaning the Army is going to pay for the family to move to Korea). Since we're sponsored Daric's tour is a minimum of 24 months with a possible extension to 36 months, so definitely 2 years but possibly 3, we'll see. Now it's going to be a fun 2 months of waiting & getting things organized not just here in the states but also in Uijeongbu. Daric's getting stationed at Camp Red Cloud or locally Uijeongbu, South Korea. He has a lot on his plate when he arrives there. He leaves FLW on August 8 & will land on August 9 in the evening in Incheon, the main airport in Seoul. He has to check in to the base on the 10th & start in-processing, a lot of boring Army stuff. Then he has to go apartment hunting, alone! I'm a bit scared by this task but I'm putting faith that he knows me well enough to know what are acceptable apartments & what are not...I guess we'll see how well he does. (I'm making a list, a TYPED list so he can't even say he couldn't read what I wrote!) 

The kids & I aren't even authorized to leave the states until September 17 which puts them an entire month into school here. I'm trying to figure out how I can work in a visit to CA to say bye to everyone since I don't want the kids missing too much school & falling behind. I know they'll be fine, they're smart kids but I still worry. If I can charm one of the ladies at the travel office I might be able to get a flight out of LAX to Seoul & then we'd have to be in CA to catch the flight but that unfortunately isn't up to me & from what I hear it's a major pain in the behind to get them to do ANYTHING you want! I'm not above begging so stay tuned on that one. 

The kids & I have to wait for our DoD issued passports to arrive before we can even book the flight & since those were just done on Friday, July 15 we still have a few more weeks to wait before I can even call to check on them. I'm doing everything I can to get a visit in & now that we don't have to pay for our tickets & passports that eliminates a HUGE cost BUT apparently word is we might not be getting paid very soon here. The extension the government approved is up at the end of this month so if they can't figure out the military budget before then a visit won't be happening since the money we have saved will be needed for groceries & living. I LOVE politics!! Thankfully once we get to Korea our money will stretch further, we'll be Korean millionaires! But in the meantime we're tightening the belts & spending as little as we can, just in case.

On a sad note, we have to find a new home for Ollie. South Korea has come a long way in accepting animals as pets but they still are worlds behind us so we can't take him with us & even if we could it's not fair to him to be stuck in a high rise apartment with nowhere to run. We love Ollie, he was only 4 months old when Ezzio was born! It's a tough decision we've had to make & I can only hope we can find a great family to take him & love him like we have. Daric keeps going back & forth on taking him or leaving him but I think it's better for him if he stays & has a home to live in & a yard to run in. We're all going to miss our Ollie pop, especially Ezzio, that's his puppy!

Enough with the depressing...we're going to Korea!! I'm excited, I can't wait & there will be plenty more posts with pictures of all our new adventures in the land of the morning calm.

안녕! (On-yo-ha-say-yo goodbye in Korean)

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