Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And then there were four....

So yesterday, Monday, August 8, the kids & I drove Daric to the airport on post & put him on a plane. It was an emotional evening! On the one hand I was super excited since him leaving meant we're really going to Korea & soon but on the other hand I was filled with dread as I realized all the work that still needs to be done & all of it is now resting solely on my shoulders. I was relieved to see him go...being on leave for the past week and a half was starting to take it's toll! But I am sad he's gone since I've gotten so used to him being around all the time. We all managed to say bye without any tears or sadness but I hadn't fully backed out of the parking spot when Akira lost it. Of course seeing him crying so hard made me start crying which in turn led to Riley crying! Ezzio was just looking at us like we were all nuts. That kid may be on to something. The crying was short lived & over by the time we got home. My resilient little Army brats!

So what was on the agenda for today, Tuesday, August 9? We stopped by the kids school to tell them we're still in a holding pattern. We went to the travel office so I could get thoroughly annoyed & stressed even more. Ezzio, Riley & my passport have all come back, we're still waiting on Akira's but that's not what annoyed or stressed me out. In order for the travel office to release our passports to me (once they're all here) I need a copy of Daric's orders listing our names on it. (I have an old copy that was written incorrectly by Daric's counselor but those will work since they just want to see our names.) The part that stressed & annoyed me was the woman behind the counter telling me she WILL NOT release our passports before September 17. Why? Because she doesn't know how to read military orders (ironic considering that's what she deals with all day, every day!!) The orders say GOVERNMENT HOUSING won't be available until September 17 so if we were going to live on the base in Seoul we wouldn't get housing until then but since we're going to be renting an apartment in Uijongbu as soon as there is a signed lease the kids & I can leave. The Army doesn't want us to be homeless when we get there which is why we had to stay behind while Daric left. So this lady at the travel office told me she isn't releasing our passports before September 17 & plane tickets won't be issued until after I have our passports. Perfect! I tried to explain to her once there is a lease for an apartment we can leave but she was ignoring me. I'm just a stupid wife, what the hell do I know? I'm going to wait until I have a copy of the lease & then I'm going to go to the travel office to get our passports & tickets. If they don't release them to me things are going to get real ugly, real quick! I LOVE DoD civilians!!

Moving on...so what's on the agenda for the rest of the week? Cleaning, cleaning & more cleaning! Doesn't that sound amazing?! The kids have been tasked with removing trash from every room in the house, super fun! I want the trash out so it doesn't get packed. Our trash cans are overflowing & trash day isn't until Thursday. Perfect! The packers are coming Friday morning to pack everything going to Korea which really isn't much. Next week on Monday the packers will be back to pack the rest of the house for storage which again isn't much. We've sold our couch, kitchen table & chairs, china cabinet, dryer, washer, futon, bookcases, all the kids clothes they've outgrown & a ridiculous amount of toys they never played with. So come Monday afternoon our house will be completely empty! Our suitcases & carry-ons will be all that's left. I'm not looking forward to entertaining the kids for a week, or more, with nothing in the house! No toys, no TV, no Internet, not a single luxury! Where is the damn professor when I need him?

So what to do with the children since in the best case scenario Daric will have a signed lease by next Friday & we could leave before the end of the month? School in Korea starts August 29. School in MO starts August 18. Do I bother sending them for 2, 3, 4 or even 5 days? Or do I keep them at home & they'll start in Korea when we get there? All their physicals are next Friday so they'd be missing the 2nd day of school anyways. And of course all of our things will be gone so I'll have to re-buy school supplies so they can attend for the few days here...if it's the best case scenario. If it's the worst case scenario, which I DREAD to even imagine, we'll be stuck in this empty house with no beds or supplies & they'll have to go to school until we leave in September. I'm banking on the worst case, not negative thinking, just so if it doesn't happen I'm pleasantly surprised but if it does happen I'm not uber disappointed. I'm going to expect the worst but pray for the best! Ugh!

As soon as I have our tickets I will send an email with our flight info. If we have a layover at LAX for more than 2 hours I'd like to see as many people as can drive out to see us at the airport. I did say IF we have a layover at LAX since I don't have tickets & I can't make assumptions regarding travel. The employees in that office aren't known for their logic! It makes sense to me to fly into & out of LAX but you just never know what tickets look the best in their minds! So stay tuned for more information.

Signing off, hopefully for the last time from the Show Me state! Daric is officially in Korea...let the games begin!

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