Monday, October 24, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Teenage Girls & Trickeye?!

Odd title indeed! Let me we were walking "downtown" in our neighborhood I stopped into the Korean equivalent of The Body Shop or other such store to get some face cleaner & just see what they had. While I was inside by myself I heard a bunch of laughing & squealing outside. I looked up to see the kids surrounded by a group of teenage girls all taking turns taking pictures with them with their cell phones. I saw Daric standing off to the side laughing & obviously enjoying the moment a bit too much! Akira wasn't sure what to make of the situation but Riley thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. The squealing I heard was the girls every time Riley said hi in Korean. They ate it up & kept asking him to speak in Korean again. If you notice his expression in the above picture you can tell he was totally playing up the situation. Oh Riley! The kids have only been mobbed that 1 time but they have had their pictures taken plenty on the trains & even at the museum by adults!

Speaking of the museum...a friend of ours, who is in Seoul at the base, found the Trickeye Museum on a 'Sights in Seoul' tourist-y type website. ( She told me about it & asked if the kids & I would like to go with her & her son. From the description & then my further research the place sounded like a lot of fun so we made plans to go. The Trickeye Museum is a museum with paintings painted straight onto the walls in a way that makes them look like they're either coming out of the wall at you or look like you are actually in them...depending on how you're angled to take your picture. That place was AWESOME!!!! We all had so much fun acting like goofs posing with the paintings & having our pictures taken. We had so much fun Daric was jealous & "forced" us to go again the next weekend. (Yes, the kids & I needed much coercing & prodding to get us back there!) We again had a great time, only made better that time by the addition of authentic Italian pizza for lunch & delicious tarts with drinking chocolate for dessert. Yes, drinking chocolate. The tart place basically melts the different kinds of chocolate down, pours it into a cup with cream or milk & serves it to you with a spoon since if you don't drink it fast enough it thickens up & then you need the spoon to eat the rest. Delicious!

There are a WHOLE lot more pictures, these were just some of the funniest. I think my next post will be solely the pictures from Trickeye Museum. I need to upload the ones with Daric so I can add them too! He had a good time posing for the pictures.

Aside from meeting a few more neighbors, American neighbors, things have been slowing down around here. The weather has finally started to change. It's colder now & the leaves are all those beautiful oranges, golds & reds. I'm happy we're surrounded by enough countryside to get to see that every day. Rumor has it we'll start having snow by November! "They" also say the worse monsoon season is the worse snow season is & since this year we had historic rains...well...historic snows possibly are in our future??? Love to all of you from all of us. I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as much as we enjoy having them! Until the next adventure....

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