Friday, November 4, 2011

It's a Small World After All....

I have said we aren't alone in our apartments, there are other families living here, American military families. We have come to learn not only in our building do we have our immediate neighbors on the same floor but we have neighbors on the 18th floor & the 6th floor (or 4th or 5th...I can't remember what Daric said!) Akira was the first to encounter Kelly, our neighbor on the 18th floor. The other morning I got to at least see her with her Italian Mastiff & Dachsund (Akira told me that was Kelly). Daric got to meet & talk to her a bit in the elevator the other day too & he encountered the people on the 6th (5th or 4th) floor in the elevator also. So there are at least 4 families in our building. We know in each building there are at least 3-4 families so our small little community is growing rather quickly! The reason I bring this up is because I suffered from an EXTREME blonde moment after meeting 1 of our neighbors in the building next to ours. Let me give a little back story so you understand where this is going....

Last year, on Fort Leonard Wood, we had a tornado come through & do some major damage on New Year's Eve. An entire street was taken out! A friend of mine, who lived on that street but in the area where the tornado decided to veer away from, told me how she thought it was amazing that there was 1 single house that was completely untouched in the middle of all the devastation. It was incredible to see houses reduced to rubble & there like a beacon was 1 solitary house completely unscathed. My friend told me that house belonged to a Chaplain (military version of a minister more or less) & some of the neighbors & her joked about finding out what religion he practiced because they were converting!
Don't worry...I DID NOT take this picture!!

an overhead shot of the path of the tornado

so unbelievable

all of this happened on the street behind the kid's school

We met the West family & the wife, Christine, told me they were from Fort Leonard Wood also, cool! Then she told me her husband is a Chaplain. Then she told me they lived on Goethels Street & their house was the only 1 on the entire block not damaged from the New Year's Eve tornado last year. Can anyone else see where this is going? I won't took me a good week before all the pieces lined up in my head & I had my "OH!!!" moment. I was sitting having lunch with Ezzio when the lightbulb went off & I almost yelled "holy crap! He's the chaplain!" Ezz was a bit startled by my outburst but he knows mommy is a bit koo koo sometimes. What a small, small world! Just wanted to share how you never know who you're going to meet, when or why!

On another note, since my ramblings tend to be random & follow no particular order, we took Ezz yesterday to finally get his hair cut. It took an American telling us he was "pretty like a girl" to finally take him. All of the Koreans have confused him for a girl, we figured it was due to his long, blonde hair since the Americans could tell he's a boy but 1 woman asked how old "she" was & when we corrected her that's when she said "oh wow, he's pretty like a girl". Poor baby. So here's the before....

And here's the after...

He doesn't even look like the same kid!! But now there will be no mistaking my wonderful little boy for a girl.
I have a lovely little lock for his baby book

he just couldn't believe this was really happening

now he's handsome like a boy!!

Good afternoon (night or morning!) from Junghung S-Class building 103, apartment 2001!

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