Friday, May 25, 2012

And Then There Were....SIX!!!!

It has been forever and a day since my last blog update & a friend's recent update of their blog reminded me of my own. So lets play catch up...

I last left you with an incredible image of a Korean hot springs...definitely NOT like the American version! Well, while our time here has been exciting I don't think anything we've done has come close to that little adventure. In the time since January (wow! January, really?!) I started getting out more on base & going to their CAC, Community Activity Center. My neighbor invited me out one day to have lunch with some ladies she met on Facebook then go check out the arts & crafts room at the CAC. All who know me know I am neither arsty or crafty so I was a bit reluctant to go at first but then decided what the heck, at least I'll get to meet some people! I am SO incredibly glad I did go. With the exception of one person (she wasn't a good quality person anyways) I have developed friendships with all the ladies in a short time but it feels like we've been friends for years. These ladies have made me laugh, have shared jokes & playful badgering, have gone on adventures with us but most importantly have proven they're the type of friends that will last a lifetime. They are reason #4,562 why I LOVE Korea!!
St. Patrick's Day

Cinco de Mayo
 But I the CAC has become one of my most favorite places to go. I tried my hand at ceramics, not Ghost style with the pottery wheel but pouring the plaster/slip/whatever that stuff is! into the mold then cleaning, firing, painting, firing, glazing, firing & taking home. It's a process. I've tried my hand at Hanji paper, traditional Korean rice paper not making but using to create some pretty cool things. Pretty much anything they have going on at the CAC I've been there with the kids participating. Mr. Han & Mr. Kim are the Korean men who run the arts & crafts room and let me tell you, they are awesome!! They have become family. Mr. Kim is like the crazy uncle who tells us stories from his "army time" & shows the kids almost inappropriate games to play like "peanuts & beer". Although it sounds like he's saying 'penis' not 'peanuts', makes me chuckle on the inside every time. Mr. Han will tell you himself he IS step-grandpa. Haraboji is the Korean word for grandpa & that's what the kids call him. Mr. Han always has something for the kids every time we are there. Sometimes it's Korean goodies like cookies or candy, sometimes it's a toy, sometimes his wife (who is a chef) makes us Korean food & sometimes he gives me money & tells me to go buy them something from him. They are reason #5,693 why I LOVE Korea!
Mr. Kim & I doing a hanji craft

Mr. Han aka haraboji
In case you hadn't heard by now baby girl Bishop was born! Katerina Hanul Bishop was born April 14 at 2:32 am weighing 6 lbs 15 oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. (Hanul is the Korean word for sky & was Mr. Han's input since Daric wanted to give her a Korean name because we're in Korea) I'm glad she was the last kid & not the first, there might not have been more kids after the miserable delivery. I wanted to get checked to see if I had any progress labor wise, dilation, thinning, etc. While I was hooked up to the monitors they noticed I had high blood pressure. It wasn't going away & they didn't like what was going on with the baby's heartbeat so they decided to admit me & induce. I wasn't dilated AT ALL so I had to take a pill to make my cervix open. That didn't work like it was supposed to so they had to do a more invasive step to get my cervix to open & kick start labor. That did the trick & when I received my epidural the little princess  decided she wanted to completely turn around so then she was breech, feet first!! Apparently then her heartbeat really freaked them out because the doctor said emergency c-section & the panic in her voice really rattled me. I thought the doctor was supposed to remain calm to keep Daric & I calm. I was barely conscious for the procedure but Daric told me that Katerina was completely blue when they pulled her out, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck & the "baby team" was on her immediately trying to get her to breathe. I had agreed that while they were in there they may as well tie my tubes since we are 100% done having kids so Daric & baby girl left the room while that was being done. She's the last baby & she's the only girl so of course her entrance into the world had to be dramatic. It was quite the experience & not one I want to have again! So thankfully she was the last & not the first child.
Katerina Hanul

the proud brothers

We've had fun enjoying all the American holidays, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo (ironic those are American holidays) on base. Koreans, mostly, are Buddhist so to celebrate Buddha's birthday they have a lantern festival. They don't know the exact date of Buddha's birthday & this year the celebration falls during the end of May. Part of the celebration is a Lotus Lantern Festival with a parade that ends at a temple. I have never seen so many lanterns in my life! Oh my gosh they were everywhere & the best part was the temples were giving out lanterns. Of course Ezzio worked his charm on all the passing Koreans & was handed more lanterns. That kid... The festival was really cool & I'm looking forward to next year's festival when Katerina will be older so we can stay for the festival "after party". I'm curious to see how the Koreans 'get down'.
baby girl getting blessed

a small portion of the lanterns

the Lotus Lantern Festival

the Buddhist monks

We have reached the final countdown to the end of school. Only 3 more weeks & school is out! The weather has been amazingly perfect lately & I'm looking forward to getting out & exploring with the kids. So until our next adventure, goodnight, good afternoon or good morning where ever you are in the world from the now complete Bishop family! cut

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