Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's the End of the World As We Know It...

Oh R.E.M. you were spot on with that statement. 

It has been forever and a day since my last post...for a reason! Something was happening in my life, something was coming to a head, something was, well amiss. There was something brewing and I channeled all the negative, badness of the something wicked this way coming! (I'm fully aware of the bad grammar happening but that was a tongue in cheek sentiment, thanks).

The Mayans predicted, accurately, inaccurately, whatever!, the world would end on December 21, 2012. Call me Mayan but I believe they were onto something. I didn't buy into all the 'end of the world', 'zombie apocalypse' hype but I did believe they were correct in their stating it was the end of an era (fine, quatrain for all the nerds in the audience...yes that includes myself). I've said before I'm not religious, per se, but I am spiritual. I can align with the Mayans belief of the Earth going through cycles that last for hundreds of years, thousands of years whatever! So I aligned myself with the Mayans believing December 21 was the end. Of that cycle. In my personal life there were some things happening that signaled the beginning of the end. In my VERY close friends' personal lives I got to witness the beginning of the end of many things for them as well. You might say, well that's a coincidence but I don't think so. I don't believe things happen by chance for absolutely no reason at all. There is no method behind the madness, no blueprint before the plan, poppycock! (My New Year's resolution was to interject a random, old school saying and no I'm not talking like 'waaazzzzuuuuuppp' old school although did you see what I did there?) *digression over....maybe* I'm a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason", we all have a fate or destiny that our choices ultimately lead us to fulfill. Do I believe there is only one path for our lives? NO!! That's just stupid! So if we make one wrong mistake the greatness we're all destined for is gone forever? What a bunch of flimflam! Big might be destined to be a great parent, little consciously make choices that lead you down the path to parenting greatness. Sure you trip and stumble along the way, maybe even find yourself saying "should've made that left at Albuquerque" but eventually you find your way to where you're supposed to be that will ultimately get you where you need to go.

Well then, great and powerful Oz...what is my destiny? What greatness am I destined for? Bully! How am I supposed to know that? I never said I was psychic! I am merely intuitive. I have learned over the course of my life to listen to my intuition because it is the ONLY thing in this world that has never steered me wrong. My head is moronic half the time and my heart isn't far behind. If I relied on those two alone people would wonder how I could be so stupid and still be able to breathe! Geez Michelle you're not stupid, um yes I'm very well aware of that fact. I know I'm not stupid, I'm very intelligent. I was simply saying that those of us who constantly let ourselves be led around by our head or our heart are dumb! If we let our head do all the thinking then we rationalize all the fun out of everything and walk down the straight and narrow, never experiencing anything, living a rather 'vanilla' existence. If we let our heart lead, well we all know those people who wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are what we have coined a 'welcome mat'. They get walked all over and taken advantage of because their heart is constantly searching for the good. No matter how badly they are treated their reasoning for continued interaction is always the same, I know deep down he/she is a good person. What if deep down they in fact are not a good person? What if their destiny in this life is to learn humility?

HORSE FEATHERS!! You've been bumping gums this whole time, what's the point? Not really sure I have one actually. I felt the urge to write, so I have. But if I did it would probably be something like: my intuition has been telling me that something is coming to an end. It's been screaming it at me for a while now. I was letting my fear of the great unknown take hold and run rampant which led to my anger a while back. I reigned that sucker in though and managed to come to terms with the happenings of our life. I've accepted that all good things must come to an end and I've made my peace with it, I am in a better place now. Looking around I've noticed that it's the end of many things for many people in my orbit. While it may not be the bee's knees for you right now, or for quite some time take heart in knowing that we've all reached the collective end. Now we need to embark on a new beginning and as with all new beginnings it's scary and confusing and chaotic but always worth it in the end. Don't snap your cap or flip your wig during this time, it's always crazy, just hang in there.

This entire entry might just be gobbledygook to most but someone, somewhere might be able to take something from it. No matter what I hope it's been a gas for you reading all my nonsensical ramblings but most of all I hope you take a few of these words and plug them into google. I'd like you all to be thoroughly impressed with my talents. I'm daffy right?

"Against a spike
Kick not, for fear it pain thee if thou strike." - Aeschylus

"Perseverance, dear my lord,
Keeps honor bright; to have done is to hang
Quite out of fashion, like a rusty mail,
In monumental mockery." - Shakespeare

"None think the great unhappy, but the great." - Edward Young
As always, goodnight, good morning or good afternoon where ever you are in the world from our family, which is the cat's pajamas, to yours!


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